First Lines Meme

December 29, 2009

I can’t resist a good meme and when I saw this over at Dorothy’s, I knew it was an excellent chance to reflect on what has been quite a tumultuous year.

The rules are simple: post the first line (of yours, not a quote) from the first post of each month of the year.

January: What I like about these opening lines from the English version of Griet skryf ‘n sprokie by Marita van der Vyfer is the way they manage to be literary, funny and to hint at depressing possibilities for Griet at the same time.

February: Thanks to Litlove for this tag, which gives me a chance to write a quick post before I get down to studying for the day.

March: In times of uncertainty – or just on a Sunday afternoon when I want to escape – there’s nothing better than a South Africa versus Australia cricket test match.

April: This excellently-illustrated book on Depression arrived in my post-box yesterday.

May: I like that quote by Morrison, not because I’m feeling shame today, but because of the way it evokes the link between fog and the emotion.

June: Bit of craziness here as I wait to see if the Military have booked my plane ticket to fly to Kimberley on Sunday for a week.

July: Feeling a bit out of sorts today.

August: Greetings from Kathu in the remote Northern Cape.

September: Only 13 Mondays before the end of the year.

October: Self-help guru, absent father, cheating husband, excellent writer, self-centred prophet, genuine seeker after truth, a ‘decent person trying sometimes to be better’, a very wounded healer, a “bit of a shit”, a paradox.

November: I went up to Saldanha on Monday to give a presentation on the Psychology of Survival.

December: What do the above three have in common?

These lines make me think that my life this year has been a bit chaotic. I stayed in the military but moved from one base to another. I bought a house and moved in. My relationship went through ups and downs and finally ended. And then my dog died. I also ended therapy with one therapist, took a break and then started therapy with someone who is a much better fit for me. I also edited a book, read a fair bit and made new friends.

Here’s hoping for a much more settled (and happy and productive) 2010!