US Presidential Quiz and my Summer Reading

In recognition of Joe Biden’s swearing-in as the 46th POTUS tomorrow, I’ve put together a short US Presidential Quiz. The link is here and if you do take the quiz please pop a comment below to let me know how you did.

Reading-wise I have a few on the go …

These are a few of the titles from my Goodreads account. I’m loving the Barack Obama (although it’s 700 pages long) and the Michael Harding is gentle and uplifting when I’m feeling down (about the pandemic and other woes). The memoirs of a South African headmaster is suprisingly good. Not because I don’t admire him as a headmaster ( I do, very much) but because South Africans often have to self-publish to get their work out there. I see I have the Michael Harding twice (I’m sure he won’t mind) but no gripping novels at the moment.

I’m enjoying the Helen Lewis, which I’m listening to read by the author herself. It’s really good and she has put together fascinating stories of a number of admirable women that I’ve never heard of. One thing that stands out though is that she doesn’t have children so when I confidently offered up her argument about why it’s OK to leave your kids alone for a few minutes while you have something vital to do, Mrs C was horrified and quite swiftly roasted me for said comments.

This year I plan to return here with a few reviews … if the pandemic and parenting permits. Take care.

One Response to US Presidential Quiz and my Summer Reading

  1. smithereens says:

    I’m not an American… and it shows! I played and I got only one answer right. The rest was clearly out of my depth (and the one good result is just lucky 😋)

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