5 Stages of Cape Town’s water crisis

With Day Zero looming, Capetonians are getting increasingly anxious about the day when the taps run dry. I have mixed feelings about this. I’m very concerned but there also times when I feel reassured by the spirit of “we’re all in this together” and the resilience and innovation that Capetonians are showing.

Of course one thing that helps (apart from 1-minute showers and not using the washing machine very often) is humour. So here’s my take (with borrowings naturally) on the 5 stages of Cape Town’s water crisis.

5 stages of water shortage

On the innovation side, I’ve noticed that at our local spring, there are a few “water guards / water carriers” who are earning a brisk trade fetching people’s water for them.

I think we also need a playlist of Water Songs for inspiration. Any ideas?





3 Responses to 5 Stages of Cape Town’s water crisis

  1. smithereens says:

    Gosh, I had no idea, I’m really sorry that this is happening to you. We are in the midst of another water crisis: the Seine is overflowing due to heavy, unseasonal rain, and we’re not even reaching Spring (that is normally the season for heavy rain). I wish we could just ship you all this unwanted extra water.

  2. Pete says:

    Thanks Smithereens. We would gladly take all that extra water from the Seine!

  3. Courtney says:

    I often feel the same way as Smithereens and wish we in Pittsburgh could send our extra water to California! You know, I’ve read about the water crisis in Cape Town in a few places recently but overall it’s fairly new to me, which is disturbing. I hope you write more about it, and I hope you and your family are well!

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