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currently reading 090615A screenshot of my current reading.


Know your teenager is one of those books I need to read for work. I’m enjoying parts of it and learning about how to manage adolescents.

Awakening the dreamer by Phillip Bromberg is a self-psychology book for my small psychology reading group. A bit too academic in parts but I’m also really enjoying some of the insights. At the moment Bromberg it talking about bringing in the dreamer to the therapy. He says that whenever a patient brings a dream to therapy his goal as the therapist is to bring the dreamer into the process. An interesting change from focusing on what the dream means to encouraging the dreamer (as a different self-state) to enter the therapy space.

The man who couldn’t stop is a book about OCD. I’m struggling here since there are more urgent books and more enjoyable books that I’m busy with. But it’s well-written and a very accessible and personal book about the writer’s struggle with OCD as well as a general discussion about it.


The Narrow Road to the Deep North (audiobook). Looks like a really good one. Interesting characters and story. But to find the time to really get into it is a challenge.


Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris (audiobook). Sedaris is brilliant. Funny, poignant, excellent story-teller. I keep thinking that he will be too frivolous but he’s not.


One Hundred Favourite Poems (audiobook). I’m listening to this in the car and I wish I had a long car journey to savour them all. Great to hear some old favourites and some new poems, read beautifully as well as part of a Classic FM compilation.


Right to the Edge: Sydney to Tokyo by any means by Charlie Boorman. This is my stuck-in-the-car-with-a-sleeping-child book. Charlie’s a likeable chap and, to my surprise, this book actually makes me want to don some suitable clothing and take to the road on a decent-sized (but not too powerful) bike. I’ll let you know if I ever get that sorted!


2 Responses to Current reading

  1. litlove says:

    I do so love David Sedaris. I downloaded one of his newer books on audible a week or so ago and I’m waiting for the moment to lie on the sofa and listen to it. What a good idea to listen to poetry on audiobook, though. I had never thought of that and yet – genius! Always interested to know what your psychology reading is – I’m forever on the lookout myself for good books in that area. Do pass on any recommendations you may have!

    • Pete says:

      I’m also waiting for the right moment to listen to the rest of this David Sedaris. At the moment with winter colds it’s more survival time than listen time unfortunately! I bought the poetry for my dad but am really enjoying it as well. Not all of the poems – but I was surprised to see how many I knew. This compilation is pretty good I think. I will definitely pass on any good psychology reads. I’m still making my mind up about this one.

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