Which book would you choose for your coffee mug?

Penguin classics coffee mugs

Penguin classics coffee mugs

I saw these Penguin classics coffee mugs over on Pinterest and I really want one. Not one of these titles particularly – although I think drinking my tea out of a “Pride and Prejudice” mug would be pretty cool. One title that springs to mind is “One Hundred Years of Solitude”. If I want to go with a psychology theme then I would have to choose “The Interpretation of Dreams”, but that’s not a Penguin title. Personalised mugs come at a price though (as do vanity plates) but I think not more than R100. I do think they’re more playful than pretentious. Any thoughts on what you would choose for your daily beverage?


7 Responses to Which book would you choose for your coffee mug?

  1. smithereens says:

    oh they’re all so fun! I think I’d have my tea in a Murder at the vicarage mug, please, but I’d test it for arsenic before taking a sip!

    • Pete says:

      Good idea! I need to be in the right mood for murder mysteries though. Parenting small children does make me think of murder though (even if fleetingly – and followed by guilt and remorse!)

  2. These are SO great! A good friend gave me one for my birthday a few years ago when I had two toddlers. I got — A Room of One’s Own — Virginia Woolf. It was quite fitting and many days still is.

    • Pete says:

      Very fitting! With two toddlers (or in our case a toddler and a 4-yr old) I know that carving out me-time is an absolute necessity. Using that time for creativity is another thing though!

  3. litlove says:

    Ooh, choices! Like Smithereens I confess it’s the Miss Marple titles that draw me. She’s my role model, you know. I can only hope that the older I get, the more like her I’ll become. I’ve got a few years to work on it!

    • Pete says:

      Litlove as Miss Marple! I would never have made that connection. Not that you aren’t brilliant in your deductions but I hadn’t pegged you as an amateur detective. I will have to read my Agatha Christie in a new light. 🙂

  4. I have half a dozen of these – Great Gatsby, Persuasion, Bonjour Tristesse, Jeeves and can’t remember the others!

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