Holiday catch-up

tidal pool smallWe’re into the second week of school and I’m slowly adjusting after six weeks off. Sounds idyllic but actually it was pretty hard work with two small ones. A baby who woke up at 5am on the dot (before the blinds – now we get to sleep for an extra 45 minutes) and then the monotony of looking after an 8-month old and a 3-year old. There’s only a certain number of times you can watch The Little Mermaid, print Ariel colouring-in pages and change nappies before you go a little dilly.

We did get down to Betty’s Bay for a couple of days and then to Hermanus. I love being at Betty’s Bay — even when the time is short and we have two little ones to look after. Our trip to Hermanus was a little too eventful for my liking, however. I packed the car – no small feat involving spatial reorganisation and tough decisions about what to leave behind — and then we were all set to go. Children strapped in, house alarm on and the food in cooler bags.  Of course the car which was working perfectly well 10 minutes before now wouldn’t start at all Jump leads? Nothing. Call the AA and prepare to wait for 2 hours. And then in desperation telephone my father-in-law who knows about cars. He says something about the solenoid, tells me to put the car in 2nd gear and try it again. Voila! I haven’t been so relieved since my previous car broke down in a dodgy area on the way to Betty’s Bay.

And then Hermanus. Hot, windy, crowded. But still lovely. Some of my favourite things: early morning walks with the little one in the pram; lunch at a child-friendly wine farm near Stanford with a superb play area for children; and then swimming in the tidal pool near the Marine Hotel.

Leah loved it. There were starfish! And the pool was the perfect temperature even for a cold-blooded creature like me.

We still had a couple of weeks of childcare, home maintenance etc. but at least we were refreshed by our time by the sea.

Today was my first day of taking Leah to her new pre-school. But that’s a story for another day.


6 Responses to Holiday catch-up

  1. smithereens says:

    I had to take the day off to take care of the two boys here and I totally agree that after a number of dirty nappies, re-reading the Lego catalogue and watching Pokemon, I just couldn’t concentrate on any grownup conversation anymore. The picture seems heaven to us with our cold, grey, windy-rainy days.

    • Pete says:

      Hi Smithereens. I’m very glad to be back at work. Now to get back into a rhythm and routine. I know things will settle down eventually. I was thinking of you guys with all the recent events in Paris. Glad to hear that you’re keeping up with the daily writing.

  2. Megan Armstrong says:

    Hey Pete! Megan here…thanks for following along with us on our blog, and the well wishes for our new adventure. We’re adapting slowly but surely 🙂

  3. litlove says:

    Oh it sounds like you had a lovely time. I totally agree with Smithereens – compared to January here, it looks like bliss. And it sounds as if the holiday was fun. A friend of mine with twins said of holidays with small children: ‘It’s like being at home – only worse.’ I confess, that did make me laugh.

    • Pete says:

      Thanks Litlove. Yes, holidays with kids can definitely be stressful. But there are enjoyable moments too so it all evens out. We’ve just had Leah’s party and boy was that a lot of work. Luckily she had a great time 🙂

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