Dear neighbour

neighbours2Thank you for the anonymous cardboard note in big black letters that you left in our postbox on Tuesday. We understand that you were extremely annoyed by our alarm going off for over 90 minutes and we’re very sorry for the nuisance that this caused.

However, contrary to what you believe, we are well aware of the problem and are trying our best to sort it out. Our alarm guy has been back at least three times to adjust it and we’re really hoping that he’s now fixed the problem.

On Tuesday, Pete was unfortunately stuck at work without a car and so, when the security company called, he was unable to rush back and reset the alarm. L was on a very rare trip to the shops since most days she is stuck at home with a baby and a demanding 3-year old.

We can also honestly say that our alarm certainly doesn’t go off “most days”. Our domestic worker is here three days a week and L is on maternity leave and so hardly leaves the house. Unfortunately we have had to be very security-conscious since we had two break-ins during the renovations.

It would have been nice if you had left your name so we could address your concerns in person. But no matter – the electricity guy kindly pointed out your house to us a few doors away. Might I just add that I can’t help noticing that your house is maybe not as nice as ours. Perhaps you’re a bit envious that we seem to be able to afford extensive renovations? Please be assured that we can’t actually afford them and will be paying off the work over the next 20 years!

Kind regards


4 Responses to Dear neighbour

  1. Corri says:

    Oh neighbours – some are lovely and some just not so… 🙂

  2. litlove says:

    God, neighbours. You should have seen the fuss when our bricklayers put down a row of bricks a centimeter over the boundary line of our neighbour’s property – in a dark, dead space running alongside his enormous garage. He stood over them while they took them up and relaid them. Sometimes moving to rural Scotland seems like an excellent plan! You have all my sympathy.

    • Pete says:

      Thanks Litlove. Perhaps your neighbour could move instead! Some of our neighbours are lovely though – welcoming us to the neighbourhood and giving us lemons (although that could also be misinterpreted). 🙂

  3. Pete says:

    Thanks Corri. I haven’t had the courage to go and give them this letter (minus the part about their house) so now it’s probably too late. Pity since it would have been interesting to see their response!

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