Baby in the rubble

Dear blogging friends

A quick blog post to share with you a picture of our new bundle of joy. Tessa May, born this past Sunday (27th April, Freedom Day).


Both mom and baby are doing fine, although baby was born five weeks premature and so is still being kept in NICU. That’s where L is today. We just had a delicious hot chocolate at the little restaurant across the road from the hospital and I’ve come home to feed Leah and watch yet another viewing of Frozen. (Had a smile at Courtney’s post “The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway” since her daughter loves this movie too). Leah tries to sing along and it’s only this week that Frozen has knocked Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music out of the top spots. As I write this, Leah is trying to imitate Ilse in “Let it Go” although mostly that involves trying to spin her dress around and sing whatever words she can remember. Too sweet. 🙂

As for Tessie Two, here’s a quick summary. Things have been a bit overwhelming in the last couple of weeks with all the details of the renovations, a couple of break-ins at the renovations and the normal exhaustion of an advanced pregnancy. L was due to give a talk at a conference on Sunday 27th at 12h00 and I think the combination of all the different stressors finally took its toll and Tessie wanted to come out. Of course it could have been the baby shower a few days before. At one point, Leah held up a pair of cute baby shoes towards L’s tummy and said, “Look Tessie!” L’s gynae said that perhaps she couldn’t resist a good pair of shoes!

On the Saturday night, L was in considerable discomfort, which turned out to be labour. So early on Sunday it was off to the hospital and at 12h02, baby Tess made her appearance. A good thing L handed over her conference talk to a colleague on the Saturday since she was scheduled to give her presentation at 12h00. That would have been a dramatic delivery.

We’re very grateful that mom and baby are both fine. And a little overwhelmed at the prospect of nursing a prem baby to full babyhood. One day at a time, right?

Lastly, here’s a pic of the renovations from a few weeks ago with our builder on the left, a pregnant L and a curious Leah. Our new kitchen and family room are to the right with the remains of the back lawn in picture. My office / study / man cave is at the back.



5 Responses to Baby in the rubble

  1. Congrats, Pete! To L, to you, to Leah and to baby Tessie. Sending you lots of love as you embark on your journey together as a foursome.

  2. Tessa is just gorgeous Pete – congratulations – what a beautiful baby! Five weeks isn’t terribly early – as one of the doctors I work with always says, babies come when they want to come – but the NICU experience is a very overwhelming one! If possible make sure L takes time for herself during this period as well, as long as the babe is doing fine – I went home and slept each night after I was discharged. If by nursing you mean breastfeeding and not just caring for the babe, then hopefully they will get Tessa nursing as soon as possible – everyone on our medical team was terrified Duncan wouldn’t be able to nurse but he did just fine! I am so happy for your family, and I do hope you find what we have – that two is actually infinitely better than one, except, you know, WHEN IT’S AWFUL. Much love to you and your family!

  3. litlove says:

    It’s lovely to get the full update, though my heart goes out to you. Break ins and conferences and premature babies are all a lot of stress. At least now the waiting is over and I don’t doubt that Tessa couldn’t be in better care – think of it as advanced babysitting while you get used to the idea of a four-person family! Sending all love and hugs your way – do keep us updated when you can.

  4. smithereens says:

    Congratulations! She’s so cute. Thank you for taking the time to let you know about all the events, as you sure have a full plate now. Take care! (and take it easy whenever you can!)

  5. She is so lovely. Very best wishes to all four of you.

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