At the library

I’m on holiday for two weeks and what better way to spend some of this time (when I’m not looking after a demanding 3-year old) than at my local library? What inspired this, in part, has been listening to Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project.

Rubin spends much of her writing life at the New York Society Library (see and it’s certainly helped her to be productive. She says that she’s “always loved working in libraries, with their air of quiet purposefulness and possibility”.

My library is not as quiet or as purposeful but the light here is clean and clear, there’s a pleasant coffee shop next door and if I wasn’t due to pick up the little madam in 50 minutes then I would be all set.

Right now there are two little boys playing hide-and-seek in the shelves near me. The one in the little monster t-shirt crawls onto an empty shelf while his brother Batman wraps a thin piece of plastic around his eyes and counts to 20. “Found you!” he shouts and they run off happily. Not far behind is their mom, looking slightly stressed as she hisses “Josh! No running on the ramp!”

Quick update from our side. We’re living in L’s flat while the renovations continue. And we’re still hoping for a mid-May occupation date, piles of rubble notwithstanding.

leah with train crop
Here’s a pic of Leah on the balcony of the flat. I’m enjoying the sound of the trains and every second Saturday there’s a steam train chuffing past which adds to the charm.

At the moment it’s a close thing to see which gets here first – Baby # 2 or the house. Our builder assures us that the house will be ready my mid-May and Baby 2 is only due for the end of May so we’ll probably be fine. I hope. 🙂


One Response to At the library

  1. litlove says:

    I’m so glad you’ve got somewhere nice to live while the renovations are being done. When we moved from our first house into the second, we sold quickly and were stuck for a place to live. So for a while we camped at a friend’s house with our 18 month old son. Talk about uncomfortable! A toddler’s almost too much in his own home, let alone in anyone else’s. Having trains to watch must provide some very useful home entertainment too! Hope you’re doing fine and the second pregnancy is not causing L too much trouble.

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