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Hello from a summery Cape Town. The fourth term has started and I can’t believe it’s less than 10 weeks to the end of term. We’re counting down to January 15th when the big move happens and I’m trying not to worry too much about all the things that we need to do before then.

Today I want to share some Leah-isms. Yesterday was a classic example. We were at The Book Lounge (my favourite bookstore in Cape Town) for storytime. The theme was friendship and after the reading, the staff got the 10 children there to make friendship bracelets. When it was all finished, a mother and daughter came up to us and asked if the girl could give Leah her bracelet. I said “thank you very much, that’s very kind” and they turned to leave. At that moment, Leah pipes up.

Leah: I don’t want the bracelet!
Pete: Yes, you do. It’s a lovely bracelet which this little girl has kindly given you.
Leah: I don’t want it. I throw it on the floor!

At which point of course I wanted to disappear through the floor.

    Some other sayings which I’ve jotted down at the back of my journal:

Dada’s driving the steering wheel.

Go away, Dada, into the sea!

It’s mama’s turn to read the story. Dada must go and shave his stubble.

The potty’s NOT the place!

Mama’s got a kind face. She’s got no stubble.

I don’t have a winky. I have a flower.

I’m not going to vomit today.

Dada, come and see! It’s the bin-bus [the dustbin truck].

Stay me here!

Me: Leah, would you like a baby brother or sister to play with?
Leah: No! That would be NOT a good idea!


3 Responses to Leah-isms

  1. She’s a complete character, Pete!

  2. How much her development echoes Evangeline’s! E often tries to order us around and she definitely takes more of her negativity out on her father. It does seem though that recently we’ve turned a corner with some of that, although we are moving into emotional maniupation where she tries to get attention by acting as though she is very long-suffering…

  3. litlove says:

    Oh the last one made me laugh! The things they come out with – they are such a hoot. She’s gorgeous, and looking a lot like her mum at the moment. But that changes all the time, just as who’s favourite changes too. We used to really like it when the other parent was favourite – it’s kind of restful.

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