Small steps

Two pics to share today. The first is of Leah and the gorillas at Kirstenbosch.

ImageMunny (Leah’s rabbit) is giving the dada gorilla a hug.

The second is a collage of whales that I took last weekend when we visited Hermanus.


For some reason WordPress has cropped these but you get a good idea of the view we had of this whale who spent ages leaping out of the water. S/he had an appreciative audience of thousands on the shore cheering every time s/he broke the surface. Unfortunately one of the onlookers (a 14-year old boy) slipped and fell from a wall that he was perched on and fell 18 metres to his death in the sea. I only heard about this much later and I’m still a bit in shock about it.

It seems heartless perhaps to move on to house matters. But, honestly, last weekend seems like a lifetime ago now after the week we’ve had. Suffice to say that we’ve had it with Sunday show-houses and we’re going to limit ourselves to letting people see our house on Weds and Friday afternoons. L and I were exhausting ourselves trying to get the house looking shipshape by Sunday afternoon and ruining our weekends in the process. L works incredibly hard in the week and needs a break on the weekend (as do I). It’s one small step towards getting a proper balance back in our lives.



2 Responses to Small steps

  1. Grad says:

    The pictures are lovely Pete and Leah is getting so big. I rather think that the Poppa Gorilla looks suspiciously like a colleague of mine at an early morning meeting in the conference room. You are wise to limit the house-lookers to specific days. I remember trying to sell my house in Chicago with 3 small children in residence. It was exhausting. Weekends are just too darn precious.

  2. Pete says:

    Thanks Grad. LOL re your colleague. I’m getting a mental picture of ape-like behaviour in your morning meeting. And the house story is something to be endured at this stage. At least L and I are in agreement about it now and we’re taking baby steps forward. We may well wait for a while and try and improve a few things. I would love to renovate but know that we’re not really up for the huge hassle that involves.

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