Reading Challenge Update

I love the way that Goodreads keeps track of how I’m doing with my Reading Challenge for the year. Here’s a pic of the six books I’ve read so far this year. My modest goal is 25 books for the year.

reading challenge update

I’d love to review The Innocents by Francesca Segal some time but first I’m going to let it simmer in my mind for a bit longer. And I’ll probably read a few reviews as well to check out that what I’m thinking corresponds to what others think as well. I really enjoyed it but I also have a few reservations. Which is not to detract from the fact that I think it’s a really excellent debut by a really talented novelist.

As for writing challenges, I’ve definitely fallen off the bus. But even if I have to revise my goals down quite drastically, the current plan is to stay with one case a month and write up my thoughts. It takes a lot of discipline, especially since there’s no-one else to keep me on track here.


3 Responses to Reading Challenge Update

  1. litlove says:

    I suppose it’s unethical to share, is it? Only I’d willingly be a reader for your case studies, should you need one! Looking forward to your thoughts on The Innocents as I was given that one for my birthday.

    • Pete says:

      Yay. Not unethical if I change the names (which I’d have to do anyway). I’d really like you to read one of them so let me work for a while first and then email you at the end of April say. Thanks 🙂 I’ve started reading “Bluets” by the way so I’m on track for your non-fiction reading course.

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