Wilderness and Christmas

uitkyk pass smaller

A week ago today I returned from four days in the Cedarberg with some of our staff and boys who were busy with their annual wilderness adventure course. The contrast between the quiet and sparsely beautiful Cedarberg and the frenetic Christmas activity in the shops couldn’t be more pronounced.

I took a number of pictures:

The first one shows the wildness and dryness of the mountainous area. As you can see, it is beautiful but also quite desolate.

rock art smallerThe second is of rock art from the San (or Bushmen) which shows hunters and elephants. It’s hard to imagine that this area was once teeming with wildlife, including elephants.

abseil2 smallerThe third is of two boys abseiling down a 25 metre cliff face. I was pretty scared just before it was my turn to abseil (first I might add, since I had to be at the bottom of the cliff to un-clip the boys when they got down there). After the initial fear had worn off, I was looking forward to some controlled falling. Unfortunately that didn’t happen since the line was too tight. Either that or I wasn’t skilled enough in using my weight to do those graceful and quite dramatic jumps that you see in the movies. I ended up hanging by a rope and being lowered some of the way.

I got back to Cape Town to a sick toddler and exhausted wife. I’d forgotten just how awful it is when Leah is sick. She’s better now but looks like a spotty dog. Yesterday I was pointing out all the Christmas decorations in the shops and explaining that just as we have a Christmas tree and the Teletubbies have their tree, the shops are also celebrating Christmas. Leah’s response: ‘Christmas is all around.’ When I reported this to Lindy she said I was imagining it. Very possibly, and of course I haven’t been able to get her to repeat it. 🙂


4 Responses to Wilderness and Christmas

  1. *I* believe you that she said it. 🙂 And wonderful pictures from your adventure!

  2. litlove says:

    I’d have been terrified of abseiling! Or even dangling off the end of a rope a long way from the ground… Consider yourself very brave. And yes, sick toddlers are a complete nightmare. Hope you have given yourself and Lindy a treat or reward of some kind for surviving. You deserve it.

    • Pete says:

      Thanks, Litlove. Rewards definitely in order. Especially since I have been sick since as well (caught roseola from my daughter). I hate being sick and it always feels a bit like a failure on my part. But at least I get to catch up on some reading. 🙂

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