Little miss F goes swimming

Little miss F loves swimming. She also loves talking and running around. For the dada and mama, this can be a bit of a nightmare since as soon as we take her anywhere that has space to move she starts crying “run-a-run-a-round”. But we love her to bits so we mostly let her do what she wants.

The swimming happens for 15 minutes on a Saturday morning and her teacher (Julia aka Doowah) has a good rapport with her. The first time we took miss F there she was quite reluctant to get into the water without L and a little wary of this new person. By the end of the lesson she was wailing “bye bye Doowah, bye bye Doowah” from the changing room as the next little girl was having her lesson.

To say that she actually swims would be stretching the point but she does float nicely on her pool noodle, she does a few kicks, throws the toys into the box and makes a good attempt at ‘monkey walks’. She also keeps up a running commentary on the whole proceedings.

Miss F: Minnie (a penguin) ….. wee-wee (a fish) … duckie … Munny! (her bunny)

Mama: Bunny doesn’t like swimming, you can have him later.

Miss F: Munny! Munny!

Mama: Munny is right here but he doesn’t like water so you will see him later.

Miss F: Leah! Leah! Doowah. Doowah.

Mama: Yes, you’re Leah and that’s Doowah.

Sometimes I fear that she has OCD and that’s why she repeats things so often. But I think she just loves the interaction.

Yesterday I took her to the library (‘run-a-run-around’) and once I’d carried her up the ramp, she was let loose on the books. Her book selection strategy is quite random. She will grab the nearest book off the shelf, drag it to the middle of the floor and plonk herself down. She also confidently walks up to another little girl who is sitting reading quietly and takes one of her books.

“No, Leah, that’s this girl’s book. You have your own book.”

Eventually we made it out of there with The Runaway Dinner , Each Peach Pear Plum , a Quentin Blake and The Bear Under the Stairs as well as The Dance of Anger which is for my anger research.

The biggest treat of the week though will be tonight when she gets to watch some new episodes of Uki, who is her absolute favourite TV character. I’m quite relieved that it’s not one of the Tee-baas (teletubbies) and that these episodes are only five minutes long. Uki is sunny and cheerful, has a best friend who is a bunny and loves reading. She’s also smart as any bee can be and solves problems. A pretty good role model for any little girl. Instead of dialogue or voice-over they have a pretty clever musical accompaniment and this is sanity-preserving for any parent.

Most evenings when I get home miss F will greet me with a happy “Udi! Udi!”

Dada: Do you want to watch some Uki?

Miss F: Alright, Alright.


9 Responses to Little miss F goes swimming

  1. How adorable–and yes the repetition is completely normal. Each Peach Pear Plum is a classic! My kids also loved the book by the same author with the peek-a-boo in every page.

    • Pete says:

      Lilian, it’s amazing how quickly they learn these stories. And I’m happy to see that the favourites do change a bit from week to week. L and were getting quite sick of reading the “Nagon” (Dragon book) every night.

  2. litlove says:

    So cute at that age! And as a parent you pretty quickly learn which television shows and which books you can bear to witness 634 times in rapid succession…. At that age, my son was already starting to be fussy about food and would only eat the forkful if it begged him NOT to eat it. Mealtimes were long. Plus very interested to know what you make of The Dance of Anger. My sister-in-law read it and thought it was excellent – I ended up getting The Dance of Anxiety by the same author and appreciated it very much.

    • Pete says:

      Litlove, well happily pie enjoys her food (see the cute little tummy above) and so we don’t generally battle to get her to eat as long as she has a book to read at the same time. I’ve finished the Dance of Anger book and it’s very good but don’t have the strenght and focus at the moment to review it. We’re all down with colds so it’s a bit miz here.

  3. How did our babies become little girls already? E doesn’t do a lot of vocal repetition…once she’s got a word it’s like she’s good and doesn’t repeat it until it’s appropriate but my god, we read the same books over and over and over again and she, too, loves the chance to run around in wide open spaces!

    • Pete says:

      Courtney, I know it just seems the other day that they were born. Some days and nights are longer than others (especially since she has a cold) but we’re constantly amazed at how quickly she’s growing up. Book-wise we tend to recycle the same ones until we could recite them in our sleep!

  4. Grad says:

    The children’s books you mentioned aren’t familiar to me, but I read plenty of The Little Red Caboose Always Came Last and The Pokey Puppy in my time! Enjoy her, Pete. I know it is cliche to say, but they grow up much much too quickly. Blink and they are off to college! She’s adorable.

    • Pete says:

      Grad, the Poky Puppy was one of L’s favourites growing up so we do read that one. Leah has her favourites though and so we tend to read them repeatedly. “Bear! Bear!” is usually the first book of the day (The Bedtime Bear). I’ll look out for the Little Red Caboose. And that’s good advice to enjoy her childhood. We’ve taken quite a few videos of her babbling and so we’ll have a record of this cute stage. I was going to post a video with a prize for anyone who could guess what she was saying. She was pointing excitedly at a picture by Richard Scarry but I still have no idea what she was saying (again and again!)

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