Tunnelling to the Med (avec Ben)

I’ve just been reading a fascinating blog account of my sister, her husband and daughter’s travels along the French canals. They are about to enter the tunnel at Pouilly on the Bourgogne canal, which looks very narrow.

When my sister Cathy announced that they were buying a boat and sailing down the French canals to the Mediterranean, I had visions of wide canals and magnificent castles. A bit like this …


That is the Bourgogne canal, but I had no idea that they would be negotiating whirlpools and squeezing themselves through tunnels like this ….


You can read about their travels at Ashtonsafloat.

I should add that they are travelling on a 32 foot yacht with their Hungarian Vizla Benjamin, who is extremely lively and bouncy and not used to being confined in small spaces. Apparently he caused quite a stir in Paris, enthusiastically bounding up to Parisians in fine wool suits and helping himself to their baguettes.

Sounds exciting and quite daunting but I’m glad to hear that they’re on track for their June deadline. We’re still hoping somehow to meet up with them in Greece later in the year. 🙂


One Response to Tunnelling to the Med (avec Ben)

  1. litlove says:

    Oh, that tunnel makes me feel quite claustrophobic! But nice to think you are meeting up with them in Greece – that sounds extremely civilized. It’s a long time on a canal boat, though, so they are very brave souls!

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