Her Royal Pie-ness

Just popping in here to post a couple of pie pics. The first is of the pie herself. One of the many uses of a baby is as a prop for cute photos πŸ˜‰

(I’m not at all sure that I should be posting pics of the pie here. I tell myself that it’s completely safe. But is it? Should I be concerned?)

Then last weekend L baked a delicious apple pie. If I needed any convincing that I love L dearly (and we all need a little encouragement from time to time) then this was it. I do love L very much but sometimes the sleep deprivation makes us both cranky.

The cherry glaze worked extremely well and the pie was polished off by visiting family members in a short space of time.

With my birthday coming up on Monday, I think I will be re-ordering one of these!

If anyone wants it I can find the recipe somewhere.


Other news is that I’ve started a short story. It’s about a man going for therapy. Surprise surprise. I’m having a little trouble with the plot of this story though. I don’t want to just re-hash my own life. So I’ll have to mull it over. But just starting with a writing project again is quite exciting. And a little scary. I’m tempted to say “good start” and then leave it alone for another week.

What’s a good length for a short story? 1000 words? Hopefully this is just the creative writing exercise I need to get moving again.

(And I have just started a new therapy again. Going for my second session this week. At this stage I’m envisioning a very short-term therapy. I’m interested to see what I can achieve in 10 weeks.)


12 Responses to Her Royal Pie-ness

  1. Courtney says:

    Pie is BEAUTIFUL – she looks full of spirit. S and I discussed whether or not I should post pictures of E on the blog and decided we were comfortable doing so because it wouldn’t be every post, or the focus of my blog – we limit how many we put on facebook, too. We are comfortable with a moderate approach.

  2. Yummy pie and gorgeous baby!!!!

  3. David says:

    They both look absolutely delightful. And the baby is rocking those shades. Very Los Angeles.

  4. Charlotte says:

    The pie is royally gorgeous! And I hope she turns that sleep corner soon, because deprivation is pretty awful.

    As for short story length, I’m no expert, but according my writers’ forum, 1000 words is either the long end of flash fiction or the short end of short stories. A short story can easily run to 5000 words. Good luck with it and the therapy.

  5. litlove says:

    Super-cute baby! I don’t see any reason to worry about posting pictures – it sounds like you have a specific worry in mind that you haven’t expressed. Well, if it still nags, tell us and we’ll bring our vast wisdom to it. πŸ™‚

    Having a newborn is supposed to be a lovely time for couples, but really it’s hell, what with the lack of sleep, the lack of time and space, the anxiety, etc. Work on building up a really good support network. Have helpful friends and relatives round, often. You need more people. Babies often sleep peacefully when they hear lots of people chatting in a comfortable way. Makes them feel really safe. And more hands around the place help the two of you and lift your spirits. Helpful others only, though, don’t let demanding people through the door.

    And good luck with the short story!

  6. Harriet says:

    Both are beautiful pies! I can’t wait to hear more about the short story, too.

  7. natalian says:

    Happy Birthday! I am sure that this birthday will be extra special spending it with L and “Pie”! That apple pie does look delicious! Huge admiration L for baking that beauty while sleep deprived! I would have popped down to the local Spar, bought a tart and caught a nap! πŸ˜‰

  8. smithereens says:

    This little person is so cute! Very good of you to be writing in this sleep-deprived time. Don’t worry if it’s not the best literature ever, it’s sometimes great to focus on other (more adult) things than baby concerns. Never had an apple pie with cherry glaze… looks yummy!

  9. seachanges says:

    Oh I’ve missed all the excitement, too wrapped up in work, life and all those other things, leaving the blogging world for a bit. And now all these wonderful pictures. Congratulations of course, and I especially admire your determination to get up and start writing in a time of such exciting distraction. Just go for it.

  10. doctordi says:

    I LOVE PIE! Yours is particularly fetching – she would own Sydney in those shades!

    And I really do love the edible variety too, so that apple number made my mouth water. Is there anything more comforting than a home-baked apple pie still warm from the oven? Doubt it. I am sorry I missed your birthday, Pete – hope it was a beauty. I’ve been without time and means lately, as you will well appreciate!

    Oh, in Australia the common competition length for short stories is around 3,000 words. I think it’s quite a good length. GOOD LUCK WITH IT. Hugs to all of you! xx

    • Pete says:

      Thanks Di! (And hugs back to all of you.) As for the writing, I know the thing is to write something every day (or at least five times a week) but I get derailed so easily and lose heart. Life events also tend to take over very easily. This week I’m supposedly on holiday but there’s zip to show for it.

  11. Pete says:

    Courtney, Lilian, David, Charlotte, Litlove, Harriet, Natalian, Smithereens, Seachanges – A very belated thank you for the comments. As you can tell I’m seriously distracted at the moment. I thought I’d replied but that was clearly only in my head!

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