Picture stories

Short picture stories today.

This is tripod, who as you can see has only three working legs. Apparently one of the previous medic groups operated on his injured leg (probably caught in the barbed wire) and then adopted him. I won’t go into the story (or stories) of the stray dogs on the base. I find it pretty depressing at times but also quite inspiring I suppose. If these dogs can have such enthusiasm for life in difficult circumstances then I’m sure there’s a message in there for us too.

On the day that the nurse accidentally killed an adult hedgehog, one of the soldiers found this baby hedgehog. I haven’t seen it since but I’m hoping that it is still alive somewhere.

I’ve been amazed at the number of birds near the base. At the moment we have quite a few hornbills, and one was seen eating a snake a few days ago. There are many lizards (who thrive in these hot conditions) so I’m guessing that they would eat those too.

And then I was really wishing for a telephoto lens to capture the beauty of the blue bird. It has bright blue (or aquamarine) wings and a long tail. Sudan is full of surprises.

I’m hoping to manage a few more reviews before I leave here in a month’s time. Maybe I’ll compare Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s excellent collection of short stories The thing around your neck with William Trevor’s A bit on the side. But we’re also taking a trip this week to two other bases so I may have to tell you about those instead.

Have a good week.


14 Responses to Picture stories

  1. natalian says:

    Thanks for the pics! Tripod has beautiful eyes! Hope you have a good week too!

  2. Fascinating pics. Tripod looks like a sweetie.

  3. That’s a baby hedgehog? He looks like one of those exploded dandelions we used to blow on to tell the time – he’s gorgeous! And Tripod looks lovely too. I used to have a three-legged cattle dog called Jessie who moved about so quickly and nimbly people only ever realised she had three legs when she was lying down. Animals are surprisingly resourceful, particularly when people are willing to extend some compassion…

  4. litlove says:

    Lovely pictures – super cute baby hedgehog. And only a month to go? Those were the words I heard the loudest in your post. I’m counting down for you. Hope the trips out go very well, and keep taking care of yourself.

  5. Pete says:

    Natalian – He does – and it breaks my heart that we’re not allowed to feed them. So every time I pass him he gives me this slightly wounded look and I go “poor puppy”.

    Lilian – Thanks. The dogs here have a lot of character and remind me of my dog that died (since Ridgebacks were bred in part from African dogs). That white chest for a start.

    BDW – You should see that cute white fur underneath. I’m still at a loss as to why anyone would hurt them. It’s like throwing stones to scare the puppies. (Don’t get me started on that one.) And very cool to hear about your three-legged cattle dog. My sister-in-law has an Aussie cattle dog and if she were here I think she might just adopt some of these ones too!

    Litlove – For some reason hedgehogs make me think of the UK so I wonder if yours there are the same. And you’re right – one month to go is cause for celebration. I thought of your comment about the ‘lizard brain’ when I was desperately hoping not to go on this last trip. Managed to postpone it for a week thankfully!

  6. doctordi says:

    Look at those mesmerising, knowing eyes!!!

    And the baby hedgehog… are the spikes still soft at that age? It looks so adorable.
    I want book AND base reviews, please.

    • Pete says:

      Di – I’m not actually sure about the spikes since that’s someone else’s hand in the picture. And, as much as I’d like to talk more about the base, I’ve just been told (by my boss no less) that I should cut back on what I say since the generals could get upset.

  7. Grad says:

    What adorable creatures! I’m happy Tripod got the medical attention he needed. He looks like a mighty fine dog! The baby hedgehog is dear. How does one feed a baby hedgehog? Pete, I am so happy you will be home with L and Baby F soon.

    • Pete says:

      Me too Grad. My return really can’t come soon enough. And I’m sorry to say that was the only time that I saw that baby hedgehog so am not sure how it feeds. As for Tripod, he’s a cutie. (Interestingly, every base seems to have its own animals. At Malha it was goats. Here at El Fasher we have cats, cats, cats.)

  8. Only a month — only a month!

    Wonderful photos — amazing to see the dog rolling around and looking up so willingly into your camera. A lesson in adaptability there, as you say.

    • Pete says:

      Thanks David. Yes, and less than two weeks now if all goes to plan.

      I wouldn’t mind taking Tripod with me to SA but I imagine that L might have something to say about that!

  9. there’s something satisfying about seeing a bird eat a snake. instead of the other way around!

  10. Pete says:

    Well I didn’t actually see the snake-eating part but those hornbills are tough birds so I can believe it. Bird-eating snakes are another thing altogether. I’ll leave those for the jungles of the Amazon.

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