Baby A and bye-bye Bafana

1. Welcome to Baby A! L’s sister-in-law gave birth to a bouncing baby girl at 00:01 on Saturday morning and L already seems to be falling in love with her. My comment to the tired but obviously relieved and happy parents, after “she’s beautiful”, was to wonder at the fact that newborns come into the world with hair and fingernails. The nurses put on mittens to prevent her from scratching herself and then the security guard made sure that we didn’t steal baby A by restricting the visitors to three at a time. Later, L and I were walking through the Waterfront and suddenly I heard a sharp intake of break from next to me as L caught sight of some pink booties which just had to be snapped up as part of the welcoming gifts. I’ll admit that I thought they were cute but I was quite amused at the speed with which L appeared to bond with them. It’s as if part of herself was immediately invested in these tiny items of baby apparel.

2. There’s not much to be said about patients who don’t show up for their appointments and don’t call to cancel but I feel that I want to say something anyway. Firstly, they always leave with me a bit of a dilemma: do I call them or don’t I? If I was in private practice I would definitely call but when you’re working for the government we both know that they can probably reschedule at some point. Maybe he just didn’t feel like it today since it’s cold and rainy. Maybe he’ll call me tomorrow and say he forgot. But it does make me wonder about his suitability for therapy. After two no-shows, I start to think that he’s not really cut out for the responsibility that therapy involves.

3. I realised for the umpteenth time today that I’m just not getting round to reading all 79 feeds on my blog-reader. But who to cut and who to leave in? And on what basis do you cut? As a rule of thumb, if someone has 200 posts that I haven’t read then I should probably stop deluding myself that I will get round to reading them soon. But what if I’m the last remaining subscriber? How could I be so cruel? Well, the fact that a blog has one subscriber doesn’t mean that it only has one reader since many readers don’t use blog-readers anyway. And also, blogging is as much for the blogger’s benefit as it is for the readers so I really shouldn’t worry so much. But I know I’ll probably get distracted by the blogs themselves and leave most of them in.

4. While on the subject of not making the cut, it’s sad to see South Africa crash out of the World Cup after only three games and especially after spending so much money to host the whole thing in the first place. But Bafana Bafana are clearly not quite up to the standard required at this level and I suppose there’s no shame in acknowledging that. I still think it’s ridiculous that FIFA doesn’t make provision for TV replays but all the TV replays in the world probably wouldn’t help Bafana Bafana (literally the boys, the boys) to make it to the knockout stages. And having watched England rather tamely draw with Algeria on Friday night, I’m a little concerned about their prospects as well. But at least I got a few photos out of the game.

Notice how their open mouths predict the score (0-0)


17 Responses to Baby A and bye-bye Bafana

  1. BB aren’t out YET! Surely they are going to beat France 3-0? Meanwhile, love the England fans with their mouths open …

    Oh and girls and cute baby gear? You’re in trouble, mate.

  2. natalian says:

    It is my Eldest sons sixth birthday today and I still remember his fingernails and the mop of dark brown hair! As for the SWC – Bafana beating the French 3-0 would be amazing! South African’s would walk on air for weeks!

    • Pete says:

      Natalian – Happy birthday to your son! As for the soccer, I’m just hoping for a victory against the French. Anything more would be a bonus.

  3. There is something intensely cute about baby shoes. I don’t think L is alone in recognizing that fact. 🙂

  4. doctordi says:

    That photo caption is making me laugh – too funny!!!

    I’ll be sorry if SA does bow out, I like host nations exceeding everyone’s expectations, it’s lovely to watch, although the Australia-Ghana match demonstrated yet again why I will never become a regular soccer spectator. All that edge-of-the-seat anxiety for a one all result (and commonly a NIL ALL result!) is enough to make me scream. How many people have had coronaries after watching a so-called “game” of football, I wonder? Too much tension, not enough fun in my book.

    Cute!! Baby booties are too much. Seriously adorable. I completely understand L’s reaction to the arrival of her bonny niece – booties are just the beginning.

    I don’t use a blog feeder – maybe you need to unshackle yourself from it!

    • Pete says:

      DoctorDi – Thanks. Yes, I think we’re all quite tense today ahead of the crunch game against France. I often can’t sit through a whole game (and I can understand why fans drink beer to cope).

      And that’s quite a scary thought that booties are just the beginning!

      • doctordi says:

        Hey! I just saw the headline online – SA beat France!!! Way to go!!

      • Pete says:

        Yes, it was very exciting! Bafana played really well (and were also helped by a dodgy sending-off by the ref) and we’re all just so relieved and proud that they managed to beat a top side like France.

  5. litlove says:

    Oh thank you for the laugh with the open mouths – I needed that this morning! And believe you me, I’d buy baby booties right now, if I knew it wasn’t completely ridiculous. Feet end up one of the unloveliest parts of the human body but they start out utterly delectable. Mind you, Charlotte’s comment made me laugh a lot, too. I rather tend to agree…

    • Pete says:

      Litlove – yes, I think you and Charlotte could be on to something there … As for the booties, I see the soccer players have their gold and red state-of-the-art ones while the WAGS go for their Jimmy Choos. Something disturbing there (or perhaps it’s just stylish).

  6. Grad says:

    Congratulations on having a new baby in your life. Buying baby clothes – especially pink ones – is just…well…part of the female DNA! I don’t think I use a blog feeder either but since I don’t know what it is, I might be using it and not realize it! And if that’s true, what else am I using that I don’t know I’m using? P.S. If you cut me from your blog feeder I’ll understand (but that doesn’t mean I won’t cry) :>
    Err…no pressure Pete. That was a joke.

    • Pete says:

      Don’t worry Grad – I’d never do that to you. And I’m chucking at the idea of using things that we’re not sure what they are. Blogfeeders are useful but not really necessary since I get email updates.

  7. Courtney says:

    I am ruthless with my blogroll and blog feeder, I must admit – for me blog reading must be a pleasure, otherwise, what is the point? That said, the blogs I tend to cut are the ones that stop updating or truly offend me in some way – I do try and keep my blogroll current.

  8. Marie says:

    Hi, Pete –

    About the no-shows . . . I’m a piano teacher and I have a few clients who don’t show up or who cancel half the time. I mean, I have a time slot set aside for them . . . I can’t give away their time slot to someone who will show up (and who will prepare for the lesson) until they quit or I fire them . . . so, I’ve started firing them.

    The funny part . . they seem so shocked like they can’t believe I just fired them . . . who am I to insist they keep their end of our agreement . . ?? LOL

    – Marie (Coming Out of the Trees)

  9. That’s a tough one with the no-shows … some therapy clients need “chasing” as a sign that the therapist cares, though of course, at some point the responsibility boundary has to be drawn. It’s intriguing the differences between what can/should be done in private practice vs. the setting you’re in … a lot less leeway for you to make decisions that may be beneficial to clients.

    I have to say, babies’ feet creep me out, all flat and pudgy as they are. The little shoes creep me out equally. *shuddering*

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