Kirstenbosch top gate waves the flag

There’s a general sense of expectation in the air as we count down the days to the Soccer World Cup in South Africa. Even Kirstenbosch top-gate is getting in the flag-waving spirit as we noticed on our walk yesterday. The World Cup also means that we (as military health personnel) are not allowed to take leave until the end of July, by which time I will probably need to deploy to Sudan for three months. I think I’m in denial about that and have done very little by way of preparation.

Today I also want to show you my new couch, which was delivered last week. I’m really pleased with it and also my ‘therapy chairs’ for when I finally get round to starting a private practice.

And then another exciting development has been the transformation of my garden. At the start of the year, this was what my front flower-bed looked like.

Now I don’t have a picture of what that bed looks like now (better, with living plants as opposed to dying ones) but I do have a picture of the side of my house, which has been transformed thanks to my mom. She organised the builder for the deck and the trellis and the paving-stones and her gardener planted some new plants (honeysuckle, clivia etc.)

The next transformation that will need to take place is that of me, from a reluctant gardener who associates watering of plants with teenage chores to a patient and enthusiastic nurturer of plants.

I’ll be back shortly with a review of “Bad Blood” by Lorna Sage, which I read for the Slaves discussion. The positive psychology follow-up will have to wait until I finish the Fredrickson book.


12 Responses to Couchtripping

  1. doctordi says:

    Pete, the place looks FAB!!! How exciting. I can’t figure out what I love more, that couch or the fireplace…

  2. Dolce says:

    The house is looking good Pete.

  3. litlove says:

    Love the couch, and the garden looks fab!

  4. Pete says:

    Di – Thanks. Just the answer I was hoping for. Must still check if that fireplace actually works. And the couch is too nice for the patients I think. I will have to tell them it’s off limits.

    Dolce – Thanks. Am pretty pleased with it too.

    Litlove – Thanks. Will have to post a pic of that trellis in 12 months’ time when the honeysuckle has had a chance to grow. And I don’t want to let any kids loose on that couch though. One of my child therapy patients could destroy it in about a minute I reckon!

    • doctordi says:

      Laughing at the couch ban for the clients!! Actually, Pete, I agree it’s really important that you have zones that remain yours in that scenario… otherwise I can imagine work seeping into your home in a way that may not be all that cosy.

      I am really hoping your fireplace works – I will get a lot of vicarious pleasure out of that. I would adore an open fire at home. Especially as we head into winter…

  5. bookgazing says:

    Oh the World Cup is not coming for ages surely (gah is it really only 3 weeks). Football is lovely and all, but I could do with a bigger gap between the different tournaments. Your house looks lovely and the flag decoration is very colourful 🙂

  6. It looks like it’s really coming together there.

  7. Pete says:

    bookgazing – Thanks! World Cup may be three weeks away but football fever has hit here in a big way. First teams arriving today (Socceroos and the Brazilians).

    Lilian – I know, it’s a good feeling.

  8. Courtney says:

    those pictures are fanstastic – that couch and those chairs are particularly wonderful!

  9. Oh, very nice indeed … that couch looks ludicrously comfortable. And I love what you’ve done with the yard — it’s very elegant.

  10. Pete says:

    Courtney – Thanks. This is the year of home improvement after all. I just didn’t realise that it would actually be fun.

    David – Why thank you Mr Rochester. Elegance is my cherished wish.

  11. Hello says:

    Howdy good read about the fifa worldcup. I can’t wait the Socceroos to win a few matches. Go the best team in the world, Australia(or Japan second choice) You can watch the Australian Socceroos match streamed live online for free, here: !

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