Some pics for a change

Alpaca at the Country Comes to Town exhibit

Very cute alpaca at the Country Comes to Town exhibition which was held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. Lovely to see that space transformed into a country market, although I did wonder where the animals slept at night. Hopefully not in the parking lot.

Cappucino at Cafeen

On Thursday I was clearing in at the military (don’t ask) and so I had some free time to drink cappuccino at my local coffee shop. Couldn’t help overhearing some life coaching going on at the next table. This woman was a ringer for the life coaching guru Martha Beck and the guy being coached appeared to be considering whether he wanted to study at Oxford or Cambridge. I really tried not to listen so didn’t hear the end of that.

Jean Doyle bronze at Library square

Love the way they’ve decorated Library Square (near my local library) with two bronze women sculpted by Jean Doyle. They’re both so full of life (the other is throwing her head back in apparent delight.

Sweetcorn muffins

Sweetcorn muffins which I made a while back. Naturally, it’s much harder to summon up the energy to bake in the current situation but I think I might just make these again tomorrow. I would also recommend seeing “Julie and Julia” which is a parallel narrative about the American cookery writer Julia Childs who wrote Mastering the Art of French Cooking in the 50s (I think) and a modern-day blogger, Julie Powell, who sets out to cook 524 of Julia’s recipes in a year. Meryl Streep plays Julia and Amy Adams plays Julie. Excellent script by Nora Ephron, great performances by the main actors. As for the cooking, apparently butter is the key ingredient. Julia Childs lived to 92 so perhaps the cholesterol properties of butter aren’t all bad.

The beginning of a herb garden

I’ve started a herb garden with these three baby basil plants. One is now flourishing while the other two are in varying stages of apparent sickness but still hanging in there. Perhaps they just need some compost and some encouraging words.


6 Responses to Some pics for a change

  1. litlove says:

    That alpaca is just so cute and cuddly – bet I’d come off the worst if I tried to give it a cuddle though! 🙂 I have the book of Julie and Julia and really must read it, and your basil plants and muffins look fab. Does this make you a domestic god?

  2. seachanges says:

    I lost my copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking when moving from one country to another – still miss it, even if I’m not a very conscientious cook nowadays. Must go and see that film and scour the internet for a copy of the book. Love the pictures, by the way. Life seems pleasant enough…

  3. Butter fixes everything. Try it on the basil plants.

  4. Harriet Welch says:

    1. I love alpacas! And as a knitter I can testify that alpaca is wonderful to knit with and to wear.

    2. You’ll now never know whether the guy is going to Oxford or Cambridge. He’ll probably do fine at either place.

    3. The muffins look wonderful. Didn’t know you were such a chef! My grandmother spent her whole life eating heavy cream, butter, sour cream, chicken fat, etc. The only vegetable she ate was cabbage sauteed in butter. She lived to be 99.

    4. This summer my basil was out of control. I couldn’t possibly eat all of it. Is yours in full sun? They really like the sun.

  5. Pete says:

    Litlove – I wish – but thanks for making me smile 😉 Of course you have the book of Julie and Julia! I know you’re not a movie person but you’d enjoy this one (after you’ve read the book). Meryl Streep is hilarious and the blogging touches are nice. Apparently they left out the drinking. Perhaps I should read this just to see what I missed.

    Seachanges – Thanks. Yes, am also curious to see the great Julia Childs in the original (butter-rich and all). Sorry about your book getting lost.

    David – Well I don’t think I’d go that far! Nitrogen grow-sticks maybe but the butter would go better in my tummy.

    Harriet – Thanks for the basil advice! We get a lot of wind here so have two plants on the kitchen window-sill and two in the bed below the washing-line. Still too early to say which is better (but none are dying just yet).

  6. doctordi says:

    I’d really like one of those sweetcorn muffins, Pete… I’m really feeling peckish now! And I’m a big fan of lashings of butter. Butter is good, merely misunderstood.

    I wish I could help you with the struggling basil, but I know they’ll thank me for staying far, far away.

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