Shaking up the routine

Good post from Elisha Goldstein here on shaking up your routine and getting a new perspective on life.

But the cynic in me wants to add: sometimes an asymmetrical face is just an asymmetrical face. It’s how you evaluate it that matters. Do you see it as faulty and defective and just another reason why you’re not good enough? Or do you see it as adding character, making you unique and a sign that you are perhaps a bit more sensitive to self-esteem issues?

I can relate since I have had the exact same problem.


5 Responses to Shaking up the routine

  1. I’m with you on the asymmetry. Especially since every is asymmetrical. That’s a fact. So to make himself look symmetrical, he’d probably have to shift his body in some uncomfortable way to detract from the actual differences. However Abraham Joshua Heschel rocks. He said: “Just to be is a blessing, just to live is holy.”

  2. Pete says:

    Lilian – That’s a great quote from AJH. On the asymmetry issue, at one point I was wondering if I could get corrective surgery to make my face more symmetrical. Then I wisened up!

  3. bloglily says:

    What a good take on this article you have Pete. Sometimes you have to dig deep in your investigation of your convictions — the answer is rarely that you’re simply factually mistaken about something. It’s almost always the case that your convictions serve some purpose that you’re not even aware of, but once you see what that purpose is, then you can begin to do things that are maybe more direct in response.

    But I do love changing up my routine. This week, I’ve begun working at home more and taking the bus to work instead of the train. It’s put me in a spectacularly good mood!

  4. sandyphd says:

    It’s hard to know, sometimes. Am I more accepting of my somewhat overweight body, good thing? Or am I giving myself permission to pig out and forgo the exercise today, bad thing?

    Dr Goldstein reminds us, though, that it’s good to keep asking questions, keep challenging ourselves, don’t get too complacent.

  5. Pete says:

    Lily – Thanks, and I agree. The truth is often somewhere in the middle. It’s often not just a faulty perception which needs to be corrected. And glad to hear the change in your routine had such a good effect. I would love to take the bus or train to work instead of fighting through the traffic each morning.

    Sandy – Yes, a tough one and it can be hard to get the balance right. And I agree about the helpfulness of asking questions and never getting too complacent. Sometimes I love the fact that I’m always learning new things and sometimes I hate it. But I guess it’s unavoidable.

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