One post at a time

Taking my cue from Courtney and Ms Make Tea I’m going to fire off a 10-point bullet list. Here goes:

• Yay for Firefox as my new browser. I’m still grumpy about what Internet Explorer did to my blogfeeds and my computer generally. Slow. So slow. And inefficient. So Internet Explorer had to go. Firefox is proving faster and more reliable.

• Talking of blogfeeds, my not-so-reliable bloglines tells me I have 1838 posts to catch up on. Yikes. That’s at least 12 people’s posts for a year. Ouch. Maybe the blogfeeder is on the blink.

• I wrote a whole rant about how pissed off I am with the South African political scene. I think the upshot of it is this: I hate you so much right now! A few words: Jacob Zuma, corruption, charges about to be dropped, barring the Dalai Lama to appease China, crime, Aids, Zimbabwe, cronyism, arrogance, xenophobia. That’s about the gist of it. Also: Mandela, euphoria of 1994, where did we go wrong as a country?

• Yay for short posts. That way the 1838 list will be soon down to manageable levels again.

• Swearing at your children is not cool. Even when your son tells you you’re in his way at the sink and it’s mad family time on a Sunday and you’ve just come out of hospital. Not cool at all.

• Did I have a slightly smug smile when I saw that said parent bumped her car against the tree and now has a nasty dent in her car? No I did not. I feared that I would be blamed. I feared for the patient’s judgement (If she’s like this at 69, what about 79?)

• In the interests of mood-lightening, I’m turning to Rorschach cartoons. Will post here if I find a funny one.

• SA beat Oz at cricket and I felt nothing. 20-20. Pfft. Who cares? And why does the SA one-day captain Johan Botha look like Rommel on a bad day? Nasty.

• I have 19 working days to go here at the sick bay. Not a nice feeling. Anxiety starts creeping in.

• I almost finished a book. Randy Pausch’s The Last Lecture. As a light, feel-good book it does pretty well. A professor of virtual reality who is dying of cancer wants to leave a lasting legacy for his three young kids so he gives a moving and inspirational last lecture at his university. I had a few kvetches as I read it (eg. this sentence: I won the parent lottery.) But I enjoyed it and it served its purpose, in that it made me think and reflect on my own life. What do I want to get out of my life? Also, one step at a time. Or in this case: one post at a time.


5 Responses to One post at a time

  1. Firefox rocks! I agree totally about swearing at kids not cool at all. Why isn’t parenting taught in high school? Child development and parenting should be part of the public school curriculum.

  2. Make Tea Not War says:

    The Dalai Lama came to New Zealand. He was allowed in but there was no acknowledgment from the government, no meeting with the Prime Minister or any senior officials. This is a small country of 4 million people- generally everyone gets to meet the Prime Minister- but not the Dalai Lama all to appease China. I thought it was all pretty damn disgraceful.

    BTW I can recommend google reader if you aren’t happy with bloglines

  3. couchtrip says:

    Lilian – very happy to hear that Firefox is not sucky. I really need a good browser so am hoping this is now it. As for the swearing incident, at least one funny thing happened as a result. My mom went to Bloemfontein to drive back with my dad and I bought them a milk tart to welcome them home and basically say “all’s forgiven” (even if it’s not). The normally reserved P suggested I leave a bar of soap on top of the milk tart as a subtle reminder that my mom should watch her language in future. Can you imagine the explosion? Now P is swearing me to silence on the subject.

    Ms Make Tea – Thanks for the NZ perspective. Am not unduly surprised – after all, if the French have to apologise then the smaller nations such as NZ and SA have little choice in the matter. We need the trade and the economic assistance but it still stinks. We could have taken a principled stance and still encouraged the trade links with China. But now the ANC are spinning this as being good for the poor since they will benefit from the trade.

  4. Emily Barton says:

    I agree: hooray for Firefox and short blog posts (although my posts are never short)! And I hope you didn’t get the blame for the car-into-tree incident.

  5. Pete says:

    Emily – Thankfully no blame for me. And on the swearing front, I was pleasantly relieved that the latest victim was not me but my dad. It was funny to see P’s reaction – clearly she was not used to this in her home. To be fair, it was more of a soft-volume walking-away effort but for me it was as if the school bully had shifted his attention to someone else. I felt for the guy but it was great not to be the one in the firing line.

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