Waiting for Betty’s

On leave for two glorious weeks. Initially the plan was to take my leave at the parent’s newly renovated place at Betty’s Bay but that’s not quite finished yet. It’s getting pretty close though and we’re eagerly awaiting the occupation date.

There have been a few stuff-ups along the way with some horribly pink tiles in the kitchen (what was the tile woman thinking?), the wrong granite being delivered and also the building of the world’s biggest braai (WBB). I’m seriously hoping that the WBB will shrink a bit when there is a wooden deck around it to make it blend a little into its surroundings. (And we’re not really one for braais anyway so I think the builder got a little carried away.)

But we reckon the house will definitely be finished for Easter. Here’s a taste:

front deck

front deck



Silversands beach by Crinity at Flickr

Silversands beach by Crinity at Flickr


12 Responses to Waiting for Betty’s

  1. I love Betty’s Bay! It features as a lover’s getaway in my novel, though I don’t know if that will survive in the second draft. I used to go there often as a student, and once, joy of joys, saw an otter on the beach there.

  2. Natalian says:

    It definately will be worth the wait! Enjoy your 2 glorious weeks of leave!

  3. Dolce says:

    Oooh, it’s looking stunning!

  4. doctordi says:

    Oh my GOD – that looks absolutely incredible!! But what’s a ‘braai’?

  5. doctordi says:

    And please, PLEASE tell me there was an actual Betty.

  6. bloglily says:

    have a wonderful leave. That’s quite a lovely place, by the way. And I too would like to know what a braai is!

  7. Pete says:

    Charlotte – A lover’s getaway – I love it! And I seem to remember an otter as well. Also some buck and a meerkat in combat would you believe (the baby buck was limping badly and the meerkat wanted to finish it off). Good luck with the second draft.

    Natalian – Thanks, although the leave is not starting off that well. Mysteriously vanishing internet for a start – and a medical (aaargh).

    Dolce – Thanks doll. You and your LB will have to come and visit sometime 😉

    Di – LOL, I think it’s called a barbie where you are! (Will post a pic sometime, this one is as big as the voortrekker monument!) Now don’t tell me you don’t know who the voortrekkers were … (early Dutch settlers who wandered off to settle the rest of SA). And yes, Betty was the daughter of the original developer. But I prefer to think she was named after Queen Betty.

    Litlove – Exactly.

  8. Pete says:

    Lily – Sorry I didn’t see you hiding amongst the others! See my braai comment to Di. I’m guessing that “barbecue” is an American word. By the way, now that you’re got me thinking of lawyers (not the reference to braai but it would also fit), you would love the Judge’s shelves in his new study. I’ll have to do a whole pictorial post on those.

  9. doctordi says:

    Okay, I’m already loving the Judge’s shelves in his new study. I don’t even need a photo. I just need to close my eyes and say, “Judge’s shelves.” In fact, I’m going to capitalise: Judge’s Shelves.

    And now when I fantasise about my perfect library/study, I’m going to think in terms of “Judge’s Shelves,” as in, “Yes, we decided to go with Judge’s Shelves in the library and Artist’s Easel in the studio.”

    Ah, barbie, now THAT I understand. But you said you’re not really ones for barbeques? Really? Gosh. We use ours all the time. Maybe you need a BBQ cookbook so you can really let loose on that thing.

  10. Pete says:

    DoctorDi – The judge takes himself rather seriously so we tease him by calling him by his title. He’s quite anxious about the whole retirement thing but having lots of shelves for all his books should be comforting. And LOL re the capitals. My mom will have to get to the Artist’s Easel in her Loft 😉

  11. doctordi says:

    Brilliant! Is that a photo of the loft third one down? Because I was already coveting that space. Really badly. It definitely deserves the Artist’s Easel. And I love that you call him the judge – it’s just the right kind of familial teasing. The affectionate kind.

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