The current state of play

In times of uncertainty – or just on a Sunday afternoon when I want to escape – there’s nothing better than a South Africa versus Australia cricket test match. Before we get there though, there’s good news on the relationship front. After some consulting with the inner match official and as much of a heart-to-heart as can be had on a sunny Clifton beach with screaming kids, arbitrary hat sales-people and two small tumblers of sherry, P and I decided to give the relationship another try and to seek out some couple counselling as well. I think I have a pretty good idea of where we went wrong and what it will require for us to stay on the right side of the line of no return. Funnily enough, the break-up session with my therapist helped to put things into perspective for me. And I’m very glad that I chose to stay with P rather than with my now ex-therapist!

But back to the cricket. I was planning to live-blog the cricket yesterday but it’s been a busy morning and we’re about to lose so I’ll just keep this brief. Yesterday’s action was very exciting and there was a small possibility that the South Africans could have pulled off the impossible 454 needed for victory if Smith had managed to stick around. He wasn’t and the writing is now firmly on the wall with a score of 247 for 5 at lunch. In fairness I think the Aussies deserve to win this one (as weird as that sounds after 20 years of Aussie dominance) because they have largely been the better side over the five days. Apart from some brilliance in the field to bowl the Aussies out for 207 in the 2nd innings and a superb knock from AB de Villiers, the South Africans have not really had the same intensity. Bring on Durban and Cape Town. The rest of the series should be pretty interesting.


11 Responses to The current state of play

  1. Emily says:

    glad you two are giving it another try

  2. Natalian says:

    Mmmm… tumblers of sherry, at sunset, on Clifton – now that is therapy in itself! Hopefully our South African team will fair a bit better on the East Coast.

  3. seachanges says:

    Glad you sound (carefully?) optimistic about your life and where it’s going. Unfortunatley, cricket passes me by somehow but hope you had a great day!

  4. adevotedreader says:

    Glad to hear you sounding more hopeful Pete.

    It has been a great start to the series, Punter and co obviously aren’t going to give up the world ranking easily!

  5. doctordi says:

    Hey, this is great! A much better start to the week (and the cricket win is nice too). You’ll find out one way or another whether you can both make it work, Pete, and my very best wishes for the coming journey.

  6. litlove says:

    You sound much better in this post. Good! And really glad to know that you’ve reached a relationship decision that works. Every wrong turn my husband and I have taken (and there have been many!) has led to a deeper, better relationship between us because we wanted to work it out. The very best of luck to you.

  7. Bee says:

    My husband and I have been together for 17 years and we are still having to have those kinds of conversations on a regular basis. It doesn’t get easier (at least not for us; which cause us to wonder), but it mostly seems worth it.

    I’m glad that cricket makes you happy! We all need this sort of thing in our life . . .

  8. Pete says:

    Emily – Thanks. I think it’s easier with a support-group of bloggers, even with the conflicting advice.

    Natalian – We’re counting on the East Coast to help us win this one! And sherry at sunset on Clifton is a good way to discuss relationship issues. One to remember anyway 😉

    Seachanges – Oh, 75% of the cricket passes me by too, which is why it’s mostly essential to read at the same time too!

    Devotedreader – I’m glad you enjoyed it too. I now have a grudging respect for Punter (the way you guys have the same for Smith).

  9. Pete says:

    DoctorDi – I hope there are not too many twists and turns on this journey – to extend the metaphor. Smooth downhill would be nice!

    Litlove – That’s encouraging about difficulties making a relationship stronger. Thanks for the good wishes.

    Bee – Just on the cricket, I can’t help mentioning the horrible events in Pakistan earlier. That sort of violence puts our rather trivial test matches into perspective. And as for the relationship, it’s very encouraging to read the comment about still having these discussions after 17 years. Maybe the issues don’t get easier but the way of talking about them does (and the territory becomes quite familiar).

  10. Bee says:

    Pete – You are RIGHT! We were rubbish about talking about our problems/inability to communicate. We didn’t even tackle it at all until year 10 — when we had almost two years of intense therapy. (We are too much alike — essentially quite private — plus I hate conflict and my husband is emotionally volatile.)

  11. Clare says:

    Just catching up with my reading now – sounds like you’ve had a difficult couple of weeks; glad to hear that you’re making things work out!

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