It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was the age of recessionary cutbacks and also huge extravagant office parties. The picture of a zenativity scene below (courtesy of lithotao at flickr) is a bit different from my spirituality group’s own nativity play, which we put on last night for a select audience. I was the minstrel in Ted Hughes’s The Coming of the Kings and it reminded me why I am so much happier in the audience than on the (makeshift) stage.


If you have ever had to make a tin-foil star for a nativity play. Or be the star (quite literally) in said play then you will appreciate the beauty of a zen nativity play. I would quite happily have meditated silently on the meaning of Christmas instead of hamming it up in front of my group (and significant others) last night. The others were great – really excellent – but the minstrel has to deliver the plummy lines. What a shocker! At least P shared in some of the agony by being the star. Reminded me of Stardust where Clare Danes does a very good impression of a shining star. So today I have newfound respect for actors and singers and I’m hoping to avoid all active dramatic parts for at least another 12 months. Next year I’m arguing strongly in favour of a Zen Christmas. It might be a touch Scrooge-like but at least it’s calm. Very, very calm.


3 Responses to zenativity

  1. Litlove says:

    No pictures from this splendid production, I suppose? I feel there’s a back story to this post it would be good to know. Why was this happening? And where? And who was the audience?

    And yes, Clare Danes is very good in Starlight!!

  2. Pete says:

    Litlove – You’re right. Some back story is in order. I’m part of a spirituality (in the broad sense) group that meets once a month. For December Bob suggested we put on a nativity play so that’s what we did. Quite low-key and hilarious. A great way to bond as a group too. So we met at our usual meeting-place (one of the members has a lovely house in Pinelands), the stage was the back porch and audience was family. A great way to round off the year (apart from the stage fright). I’ll try and get a photo from Bob to put up sometime.

  3. Peter says:

    How perfect! I hope I can remember my New Year’s resolution to do a Zen Christmas this year. It won’t happen, but I think it would calm me to help put on a family-and-friend pageant (we did this years ago when the kids were much younger) or go wandering around looking for rocks and driftwood to make a creche with. (Maybe more Zen if I never find the driftwood here; our county is landlocked.)

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