Lyric Wednesday

All great moments
They go so fast
All these things that we’ve been through
Now the dreams, they come with you
Make it last
I just wanna say (say)…..

These are moments
Open avenues
So courageous
All we have to do
Lots of choices
That’ve chosen you …
(Moments by Prime Circle)

Today is graduation day and I’ll be getting my degree (with distinction for a change) after a sweaty drive to the satellite clinic. My song for the occasion is “Moments” by the SA band Prime Circle. These moments go by so fast. I’m nervous about not being good enough for my cum laude (and also not being suitably dressed) and I remember similar occasions of sitting through boring speeches while I didn’t really feel proud of myself and my achievements as much as a sense of anti-climax. Perhaps I’m a natural-born sceptic (or a misery guts). Today I’ll have a friend graduating with me and so there will be a nice sense of camaraderie. P is also braving the long drive with my parents and got up especially early so that she leave work early for the occasion.

Then it will be a family dinner at a low-key Chinese restaurant called Tai Ping. Maybe I’ll do the mental blogging thing as I’m waiting in line for my tap on the head. I’m sure I won’t have to hum to myself while standing sidewise with hands on hips (and simultaneously reading a book) 😉 Although reading a book is quite possibly the best way to pass the long wait. And it’s quite fitting that I’ve mentally been visiting Oxford thanks to Dorothy Sayers over the past few days.

I guess it’s also good to take some times to consider the choices and the paths that have brought me to this point. The choices that have chosen me. Revisiting my alma mater also brings up lots of mixed feelings. But that’s a post for another day. For today the word is: Yay!


17 Responses to Lyric Wednesday

  1. Litlove says:

    Have a wonderful graduation day! You deserve to congratulate yourself, embrace pride in your own achievement and feel content with all you have accomplished this far in life. That would only be wholly appropriate.

  2. verbivore says:

    Congratulations and I hope the day is enjoyable. These moments pass so quickly, savor it.

  3. Enjoy your day and allow yourself to believe you deserve it, which you do. Have fun and look forward to the blog post you compose while standing in line.

  4. Natalian says:

    Pete, may I offer my hugest congrats on completing this stage of your life journey! I always get so excited when somebody finishes this long process – maybe because I started and stopped after my degree. Its hard work and an achievement you can be so proud of! So I’ll join you today in shouting a big “Yey!”

  5. Smithereens says:

    Congratulations! Yay!

  6. Emily says:


  7. Bee says:

    Well-done on finishing your degree — and with honors!

    Not sure why, but I’ve always experienced graduation ceremonies as a bit of an anti-climax, too. But perhaps this one will surprise you!

  8. musingsfromthesofa says:


  9. openpalm says:

    leaving one station and not yet at another?
    many happy returns and moments from this day and what it marks (past path and future arcs)

  10. Pete says:

    Thanks everyone for the good wishes. As it turned out, my little moment was over pretty quickly (with the usual anxieties) but the ceremony itself was veeeeery long. It felt good to do it though and I feel a greater connection with my University.

  11. Dolce says:

    Congrats, P…awesome that you’re finally done! And good luck for the next chapter.

  12. Dorothy W. says:

    Congratulations on the graduation! I hope you enjoyed the day and that the wait didn’t feel too, too long! 🙂

  13. Cheryl says:

    A little bit late for this, but congratulations! All best wishes to you.

  14. ted says:

    Hearty congratulations to you!! I hope you get tremendous satisfaction from the investment you’ve made in your interest. Well done!

  15. Make Tea Not War says:

    Very belated congratulations! I’m not much of a one for ceremonies either for some reason. Some people are, some people aren’t, I guess.

  16. Pete says:

    Dolce, Dorothy, Cheryl, ted and Ms Make Tea – Thank you very much. I’m very glad I went through with it. Something to look back on and be proud of.

  17. doctordi says:

    Fantastic, Pete, congratulations! These days don’t come along so very often in life, so I trust you took the time to inhale the sweet smell of your own hard-earned success. Completion is a slow-burning satisfaction, I’ve found.

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