Drunk on Obama

I’m enjoying reading the post-election blog posts. The joy, the hope, the sense of history- in-the-making. We’ll all come down to earth soon enough. In the meantime, a few links from the world-wide Obama wave. BeeDrunken captures the euphoria of election-watching, Charlotte sums up our hopes about Obama’s leadership and makes a thought-provoking comparison with Mandela, Verbivore does a great take on the acceptance speech here and Ted revisits America’s promissory note in Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech. Enjoy.

Update: And in news just in … while president-elect Obama is choosing his team for the next four years, the public are more interested in the choice of the First Puppy. Those puppies are damn cute – and who knew that the choice of a dog was so controversial? And once you’ve chosen the puppy then comes the name part. Obama sources deny that the front-runner at this stage is George.


6 Responses to Drunk on Obama

  1. Cheryl says:

    Here’s Alice Walker’s well-thought open letter to Obama:

  2. seachanges says:

    It’s gone so quiet out there, either everyone is just too gobsmacked by this election or they are all nanowriting! But, isn’t it fantastic?! Yes, I know,we’ll all come down to earth sooner or later, but nevertheless, this is worth celebrating!

  3. Litlove says:

    It’s interesting to see how blogs are responding to the event, rather than newspapers, or other media. The results, as you would expect, I suppose, are more diverse and more personal and more analytical. I find that all most intriguing.

  4. Riani says:

    I’ve heard that another top contending name for the puppy is “Maverick”.

  5. Courtney says:

    As someone who has felt adrift in her country during her entire adulthood, I am still synthesizing what this election means to me. The words will come in time, as will a blog post, surely, but right now all I feel is thankful, and hopeful…and I can’t wait to see the pictures of President Obama’s girls with the puppy!

  6. verbivore says:

    I love how long this euphoria is lasting. I know we will all have to come back down to earth and get to work but it feels good to be excited about politics in America. That hasn’t happened for 10 or so years.
    Just curious – have you read either of Obama’s books? I haven’t, strangely enough, but will try to read both before he takes office in January. I’ve heard they are both wonderful.

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