Please be patient …

Power’s down here at the military base which means I’m on the laptop battery for about another hour. No power means no coffee and a generally grumpy pete. So to cheer myself up I’ve put up some cool wrapping paper (by Cape Town-based illustrator Alex Latimer of The Western Nostril fame) on my office wall.

Without the coffee I have a feeling it’s going to be one of those sloooow days.

2 Responses to Please be patient …

  1. alexlatimer says:

    Hey Pete, thanks for posting about the wrapping paper – glad you like it.

  2. couchtrip says:

    Alex – pleasure. I really like the detail on the paper – you’ve captured small-town SA life perfectly. I’ve already had one patient admiring it. Will be a good conversation starter for those hard-to-talk-to kids.

    P was confused because the person holding the paper is wearing a wedding-ring. In the interests of clarity, I think that must be Alex holding the paper since I borrowed the pic from his site. (My pic was grainier). So don’t worry P, I’m not leading a double life 😉

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