Work trip

I’ve been away for a few days in Bloemfontein doing lifeskills exercises with the troops and my mind still feels like it’s away. I’ve been known to be a bit scatterbrained in the past so I suppose this is nothing new but today when M was telling me about two of her friends whom I’ve met before I couldn’t remember who they were. As soon as she started reminding me then I remembered exactly but it was a bit disconcerting that I could forget their names so easily.

I suppose the anxiety of travelling to the Free State, facilitating a programme I’ve never done before and then travelling back takes its toll. Today I had the day off so it was nice to meet up with M for lunch (at the nursery where the fresh aroma of manure added to the flavour of the food), take my dog for a long walk and catch up on a bit of blog-reading. “Home” (which is actually my parents’ home) feels like a whole different world after only two days spent in the Free State. I’m hoping to find my battery charger soon so that I can take decent pictures with my digital camera again. In the meantime, these slightly blurry phone pictures provide a taste of what my trip was like. The stark beauty of the Free State with its majestic koppies and yellow grassland; some of the weather-havens of the sort that the troops will stay in when they’re on deployment in Burundi; one of the social workers standing with me a weather-haven; and then some of my group doing a role-play. The theme was “Fighting Temptations” and they really took to the acting, especially when it came to playing the part of the local women.

On the reading-front I finally finished “Going Sane” by Adam Phillips (in between reading some Anne Enright, Jo-anne Richards, Niall Williams and Tim Winton). I found it enlightening, confusing, brilliant, waffley and thought-provoking. I’ll write up a proper review of it soon, and include some interesting quotes, but given my current mental state that could take a few days.


3 Responses to Work trip

  1. litlove says:

    The trip looks amazing. It’s good to see a photo of you – are you really extremely tall or is the lady beside you standing in a ditch? Looking forward to reading your review of the Phillips too, once you’re in the right mood to write it!

  2. Pete says:

    Well, quite tall I suppose (about 6ft 1′) but the social worker I was with was quite short. I bought a charger today so looking forward to posting some clearer pics soon.

  3. Emily Barton says:

    What great pictures! (I am obviously not one who can tell the difference between a blurry phone picture and a clear digital camera picture). That first one reminds me a little of the one time I went to New Mexico. Hmm…those don’t look like the sorts who would take to role-playing women (although they DO look like very friendly sorts).

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