Friday ‘fessing

It’s not been such a good week writing-wise. I now have roughly 10 articles to do in just over three weeks, which translates into an article every two and a half days. This in addition to my day job. Something’s gotta give – and I think it will have to be the day job. I will have to take leave since the deadlines for these articles are not negotiable. Having said that, I am enjoying writing the first one. Blocking off writing time is the difficult part – since there is always the temptation to do other things. I haven’t formulated proper writing goals for the week but the general idea is to set regular targets and be disciplined about them

There’s also the anxiety aspect. It’s quite hard to remain calm in the face of very difficult deadlines but I’m not panicking just yet. The next three weeks will be tough – so not much blogging for me (unless I hit a great patch where I’m writing, blogging and reading all at the same time.) It’s possible (but a bit unlikely).


8 Responses to Friday ‘fessing

  1. Good luck – it sounds a bit stressful! What are you writing about?

  2. May says:

    Good luck. Take it as a game.

  3. Dorothy W. says:

    Good luck with the writing! I hope it goes well and that you keep stress levels low.

  4. Pete says:

    Charlotte, May and Dorothy – thanks for the good wishes. Am writing about Belgium, which I am rapidly becoming a lot more knowledgeable about!

  5. litlove says:

    I’ve just been visiting the participants of this year’s 24-hour read-a-thon to do a bit of cheerleading (it’s breakfast time in the UK – middle of the night for most Americans and halfway through) and I feel I ought to just keep on waving my pompoms here! You know the answer – tailor what you do to the time you have. Research less, improvise more, keep the word count to the minimum, let a couple of good examples do a lot of the work for you. You know the drill so I don’t know why I’m saying all this. I have every faith in you.

  6. Pete says:

    Litlove – thanks very much for the excellent advice and for the pompom waving! I tend to forget my good habits when I’m pressed for time and revert back to the old ones. So I appreciate the wisdom.

  7. qugrainne says:

    Litlove said it all – great advice. I would add, drink lots of coffee or tea! I go to the coffee shop to write – fewer distractions there. If you can take time off from the day job – why not? No sense in torturing yourself if you don’t have to. Good luck.

  8. Bob Commin says:

    Hi Pete,

    I have just been catching up with your blog and have enjoyed the experience. I wish you well with those Belgium articles. I’ll try and keep up with the blog and give some response. It went to the same Ballet experience a few years back and remember the standing ovation we gave them. Dr Seus’ Oh the places you will go is my favourite.

    stay well

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