Psychology A to Z

Anxiety (and Attachment)
Electroshock therapy

Good-enough mothering, Group Therapy
Infantile, Introspection and Insight
Kohut and Klein
Libidinal energy
Mother (and Manic-Depressive)
Nihilism, Narcissism, Neurosis
Prozac, Placebo, Playing (and Penis-envy)
Schadenfreude, Schizophrenia, Sadism and Sex (also Splitting)
Transitional Object

There are so many ideas here to blog about that I don’t know where to start. I want to do an Anxiety blog, a few on Depression, Narcissism (and Blogging), Freud vs Jung, Klein’s take on Splitting. There are quite a few negative terms in there (such as Hysteria, Queer, Breakdown, Infantile) which raise the issue of labelling. Despite its good intentions, psychology (like religion) has arguably had as much of a negative impact as it has had a positive one. The history of psychology and homosexuality is an interesting (and perhaps infamous) example of how psychology has oppressed minorities. On this issue I still want to read Edmund White’s account (in My Lives) of how his therapists tried to talk him out of being gay.

I was thinking of doing a negative A to Z and then a positive one – but the negative labels are a lot more fun. Anxiety, Breakdown, Catatonia, Depression etc. has a nice energy about it. The positive A to Z would start: Attachment, Balance, Containment (and then I get stuck).


2 Responses to Psychology A to Z

  1. litlove says:

    Oh please, just do them all. Take your time.

  2. toujoursjacques says:

    How fun! And I agree with litlove. Do them all. And take your time.
    I am planning on taking this advice myself in my new blog on Iris Murdoch. I have so much to say! so much I want to share with others about her, about reading her, about her as a philosopher, about those who have influenced her, about her continued influence on me. The impulse is to do it all at once. But why? Small offerings, little tasty bits seem just right. (Not that I’m a person of few words—but it’s nice to know its “allowed”.)

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